Out of Sight Blurb and Cover Reveal

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that the earliest instance of Saint Valentine’s Day being celebrated on February 14th comes from The Court of Love, set up in 1400 in France? The idea was that the festivities might distract from a plague epidemic (nothing like a bit of good old amour to take your mind off the Black Death amirite?) Members met up for sumptuous feasts, drinking, singing, dancing, poetry, and- of course- jousting.

But if you like your Valentine’s Day celebrations to be less stabby and err…bubonic, well do I have a treat for you 😉 Yes it’s finally time for me to reveal the cover and blurb for Out of Sight!

First of all, the cover…

I was super nervous about the cover, right from the get-go. I have absolutely zero skills in art or graphic design, so I knew from the start that I’d be outsourcing my cover to a designer. There are so many brilliant artists to choose from and work with, but in the end I went with Deranged Doctor Design, and they were fab.

I knew I wanted something that captured the spirit of the traditional Gothic Romance covers of yore, but with a modern twist, and I think the cover designer has done a brilliant job of achieving that balance.

So without any further ado, here it is…






2018-1440 Rebecca Duval B01


Eeeek! What do you all think??? Beautiful, right? I’m so happy with it 🙂

So I guess the only thing left to do now, is to tell you what the book is about (!) and that’s what the blurb is here for 😉


Out of Sight Blurb

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in reading then I’m delighted to announce that Out of Sight will be released on July 8th.

If you need something to keep you going until then, you can follow this blog using the button on the main page or catch me over on twitter, or Facebook for more teasers and behind-the-scenes info (and, not gonna lie- possibly some slight freaking-out as release day approaches!)

Thank you so much for stopping by to share in my cover and blurb reveal, I hope you’re all as excited as I am about Isla and Ethan’s story 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you think. Leave a comment or drop me a tweet to let me know!





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