Out of Sight

2018-1440 Rebecca Duval B01

Once a Gothic masterpiece, but now crumbling into disrepair, Rosehill Hall stands on the outskirts of Edinburgh, hidden from view, and blighted by rumours of curses and ghosts.

When antiques appraiser Isla Belmont takes a contract at the castle, she expects her new client to be an elderly Laird, clinging to the relics of his estate, not a scarred, brooding young man, whom Isla finds herself dangerously attracted to.

Ethan MacRae lives in darkness. After losing his sight five years ago, he shut himself off from the world. Rosehill has been his fortress, but Isla’s arrival threatens the very foundations of the walls he’s built around himself.

But who were those walls built to protect? And why can’t Isla shake the feeling that she’s being watched?

As Isla and Ethan surrender to their desires, chilling occurrences begin to plague Rosehill and its inhabitants. Isla doesn’t believe in ghosts or curses, but it’s clear that something is haunting Ethan. Before they can contemplate a future together, Isla and Ethan must face the past…but some memories can be deadly.


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